Our expertise

Technologies Ecofixe specializes in biological wastewater treatment, designing and developing eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and economical solutions that optimize the treatment capacity of existing or future biological reactors. Our ECOFIXE and BIOFIXE solutions can be adapted to various installations such as aerated lagoons, sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), activated sludge, and more.


Our systems ECOFIXE

ECOFIXE modules are specifically designed for the removal of the organic load. The ECOFIXE solution gives a second life to wastewater treatment facilities.


Our systems BIOFIXE

The new BIOFIXE module outperforms any other system in the removal of ammoniacal nitrogen. Unbeatable even in cold water, BIOFIXE will allow you to meet even the most rigorous discharge standards.


Social impact

Technologies Ecofixe is more than an equipment provider. Our team designs and develops solutions that will have a positive and tangible impact on the protection of the environment and our communities.

B Corp®  certified since 2018 and Solar Impulse labeled in 2021, the company focuses its actions to contribute to achieving three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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Our team is growing! Welcome Juntao Li


Mr. Juntao Li joins the Ecofixe Technologies team as Business Development Manager.

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Technologies Ecofixe launches into the American market.


We are thrilled to announce our acceptance into the 10th annual #climatetech cohort of the Canadian Technology Accelerators - Accélerateurs technologiques canadiens!

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The ECOFIXE system is labelled Solar Impulse


The ECOFIXE system has therefore been labeled by Solar Impulse, demonstrating once again that ECOFIXE enables municipalities and companies to face the challenges of wastewater treatment and climate change in more resilient ways.

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